In Order To Qualify To Be An Unhu Certified Trainer, You Need To Possess The Following:​


We're looking for Trainers, who in some way exhibit credibility & trust in their skills.

Technical Skills

A trainer at USE (Unhu School of Execution) needs to be very in-depth in terms of knowledge and be a specialist in their domain.

Communication Skills

A good trainer is not just knowledgeable but also knows how to break down complex information into simple stories.

Course Structure Content

You must have or be prepared to create your own course material, in the form of a PowerPoint Presentation.

Why Us?

The total cost of executing a successful online course requires one to do the following:
  • Video Making [₹25,000]
  • Video Editing [₹15,000]
  • Software where Payment is made, Students are enrolled, Course is Uploaded & Consumed [₹8,000/month x 12months= 64,000]
  • Marketing of the online course [₹10,000/month x 12months = 1,20,000]
  • Sales Calls, Follow Ups & Actual Enrollments [₹25,000/month x 12months = 3,00,000]
  • Your Personal Landing Page [₹10,000]

Total Cost = 5,34,000

Why spend this ridiculous amount when you have us?

Your Investment

  • No Cost & 50% Commission on each enrollment
  • 5,000 ₹ upfront cost & 10% Commission on each enrollment
  • 25,000 ₹ upfront cost & No Commission

You Can Choose Any Of The 3 Plans, Once You're Eligible.

Please Note: These are revised charges, due to the CoronaVirus Pandemic; where the professional Video cannot be filmed by us due to Social Distancing protocol as per the Government of India. 


Most frequent questions and answers
  • Of course you can. But you’d be spending a lot of money, time & energy on developing videos, editing them, uploading them, paying a monthly subscription to a portal, bearing hosting costs, marketing & sales. You should go with it, if you’re willing to go through all that pain.
  • We take care of it. You only have to bear the one time costs, depending on the plan that you choose to go with.
  • Yes, we will. It’ll be a legal document. 

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