Women are not good at tech? Excuse me!

Kshitij Doval


We’re not oblivious to the miracles of the tech world. The mantra of transforming industries and business and replacing man power with highly effective artificial intelligence is all over the place. Be it the grand visions of Silicon Valley or the bustling start-ups of Bangalore, the tech industry by it’s very nature is proving to be progressive, innovative and ground-breaking. But are we any close to smashing the glass ceiling of the industry yet?

This is fantastic. This is revolutionary. But it isn’t. Something is wrong with technology and that is gender inequality.

Women entrepreneurs and women in tech are familiar terms yet they’re still very much limited to empowering speeches and the media.The number of women in tech are still dramatically lower than that of men. The gender inequality stares starkly right into our faces. Companies are trying their utmost to hire maximum number of female employees but the fact that IT and technology are deemed as male dominated subjects in school doesn’t help. We find this happening even in India, around us, everyday. But what we tend to forget is that the first programmers weren’t men. They were women.

Women entrepreneurship is a mind-set and a lifestyle. From a very young age, these ideals need to be instilled into the brimming minds of girls so that they up to be women with ambition, with a will to change the world for the better. We were lucky enough to grow up with substantial female role models in our life but the millennial will have no one to look up to unless we up our game. The dreams are in place and so are the tools required to achieve them. The European Center for Women and Technology is one of the several organizations that propagate the cause of women entrepreneurship all over Europe. In India, Niti Aayog has propelled Women Entrepreneurship Platform (WEP) that means to construct an energetic enterprising ecosystem where ladies don’t confront any sex based obstructions.

Gender inequality, wage gap and lack of female presence in the tech world are actually really pressing issues at the moment. The only way to overcome these hurdles and depict our potential to the world is by getting out there, getting educated, forming some goals and then smashing the hell out of them.

Ada Lovelace
Katherine Johnson

Ada Lovelace, the first computer programmer, and Katherine Johnson, NASA’s ‘computer’, didn’t become the trailblazers that they are just for us to take a back seat. Several other key architects of modern life indeed are women- unheard and unsung. Modern women should feel the need to carry on this legacy, be unstoppable and finally not just leave a crack but shatter the glass ceiling.


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