What does an HR manager look for in their employees, in India?

Kshitij Doval


HR managers receives several applications for a post. While each job role requires specific qualifications, there are some general personality traits are that preferred over the others and are specifically looked for in a person’s application and in interviews. Some of these are as follows:

1. Confident but not egotistical Employers want someone who is confident and not someone who second guesses their own steps and is unsure about everything they do. Someone who is confident knows what they want and how to get their work done. However, they don’t want someone who is cocky and is overconfident as such people have a tendency to not listen to others and they do not get along with colleagues.

2. A team worker Employers are always looking for people who can work in a team as it is said that “ Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people.” It is very important to be a team player and for that one has to consider themselves as a part of the group and not a mere individual.

3. The willingness to learn and adapt Undoubtedly the work environment is not always as we expect it to be. There are several things one might not have an idea about, in such cases the person should be willing to learn these things. Employers want someone who is strong minded and does not give up when faced with challenges.

4.Professionalism An employee has to maintain a code of conduct and professionalism. Work place ethics are of prime importance when it comes to working in the corporate world or for that matter, anywhere else. Many employees are terminated because they do not have professionalism. The way one carries themselves and behaves in the work environment matters a lot and hence these things are also assessed through interviews.

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