The Startup Journey of OYO Rooms: Vision of 23 Year Old Ritesh Agarwal

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Life is all about gaining experiences for having confidence in your decisions, later. Sometimes life seems unfair or even as unending struggles, but this is not always what life has intact for you. Often leaders are born walking through this uneven lane, in which entrepreneurs stand out at a maximum rate. If you ever read their autobiographies you must be knowing the role of unevenness which turned out into brilliance. They are the pillars of inspiration just because they quit their silver spoons in order to live their dreams. The most common line noted in every speech is, “When I started, I didn’t know this business would flourish so much…” With this, our mind clicks upon the very fact that life is all about learning & growing. If you give up in the middle or just stop before entering the zone then it’s clear you aren’t made for that as ‘achievers never give up…that too only just because of fear of failure’. When discussing the famous successful entrepreneurs, how can we not talk about Mr Ritesh Aggarwal, the CEO & Founder of OYO Rooms?

Birth of OYO

OYO Rooms speak for itself. It is such a great startup which in no time has paved its way into the ears of the nation and the lifestyle of people. At the age of 23, this person brought out an intelligent virus evolving inside his brain, briefly known as OYO Rooms.

As it hit the market, it was to be found on every chip of the human brain. His journey began in January 2013, with a hotel at Gurgaon. This saw tremendous growth as by October 2016, having it’s rooted deep inside in more than 220 cities of India & 6,500 hotels across, maintaining the title as India’s largest budget hotel chains.

Highlights in the Year 2016:

1) It was all started with strengthening leadership team with the hiring of the very two important people, Mr Anil Goel as first CTO and for General Counsel, Smiriti Subramanian was pointed.

2) Later in September, OYO came up with an overwhelming feature of check-in known as sunrise check-in at 6 AM. The startup also spotlighted the OYO Captain for the budget hotel category. It migrated into a larger cabin in Gurgaon along with the opening of a new office at Kochi.

3) They also were nominated and won the Quest Experience Award for best use of Social Media for Customer Experience (CX) and welfare. It was also a runner-up for front desk management in the Hotelier India Award.

Treasured learnings from OYO

As it’s always pointed out that experiences give you the best lessons ever, if you learn from them you touch heights by having the best possible learnings for Life. Its exactly what the CEO of OYO admits to being. It wasn’t an easy task for him but crossing the hurdles he made his start-up existing. Let’s unravel the lessons earned in the year with great enthusiasm:

1) For a high-quality guest experience, relentless commitment and focus are necessary. It helps to maintain that desired momentum & also blinks in the eyes of customers as the best-preferred choice of accommodation for exploring.

2) The year 2016 was able to crystallize their mission of “Quality Living at the right location & at the right prices”.

3) The responsibility of repairing & maintaining the proper quality of supply real-estate is the biggest gridlock when it comes upon the growth for this category.

4) The experience of managing over 5 million check-ins from Ladakh to Kanyakumari, which helped them understand both customer and supply concerns.

5) To raise the standards, the right manpower is needed at the properties. For this OYO has opened a Skill Institute was the appropriate training is given to have a pipeline of the skilled team or the workforce for the industry and its growth.

Milestones laid till now:

1) Network advanced over 85,000+ rooms in 8,500+ properties across 200 cities. Also became India’s largest hotel network.

2) Average TripAdvisor rating of 4.3.

3) The top 10 hotel rankings have ranked more than 100 OYO’s in the special lodging category including Noida & Bengaluru.

After seeking much inspiration through above-written lines, one feels achieving goals isn’t as tough as it seems to be. Yes, for sure it isn’t tough. Still, it requires much of hard work with a lot of dedication, teamwork, skills like leadership, punctuality and denial of procrastination within. If these are taken care of none can stop you from achieving your ultimates. Just remember failure acts as a mirror to your weaknesses. You just need to transform your weaknesses into the pillars of strength and success. Enjoy your journey heading forward as the successful honest entrepreneur.

Keep moving through lanes to create mountains in future.”

Which startup has influenced you the most? Or is there any other startup you want to know about?

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