Story Of Every Indian Struggling For Jobs

Kshitij Doval


In a world filled with competition, we often get demotivated if we do not crack the interviews. There are several question and self-doubt that clouds our mind. In the era of limited job opportunities and thousands of people competing for the same positions, how does one keep a calm and composed mind?

It is indeed difficult and can cause severe stress. Afterall, we all want to make it big and succeed in our chosen career fields. The fact that we want it all should be our motivating and guiding factor. Even if one does not crack an interview or two, the only thing on one’s mind should be that success does not come that easily and struggle is the first step towards it.

Here is a story of a common man, who struggled day and night just to land himself a good job. Rajesh was a confident person and was extremely sure of himself and his abilities. He knew that the moment he got out of college, he would easily get himself a job, but he couldn’t have been more wrong. He went for his first interview, filled with hope and excitement but he immediately got rejected. His confidence was shattered and he could not believe that what just happened was a reality.

However, he blamed the company and moved on. After applying to more than 5 companies and getting rejected, he was filled with uncertainty and fear. Finally, after applying to more than 20 companies, he got a chance and got into a job that had low pay. The harsh reality of life struck him but he never gave up. All his ego and over-confidence was gone, he was ambitious but his feet remained in the ground.

Just like Rajesh, many of us have faced the same thing but many, just give up. The only thing you should give up is your over-confidence and negligence, not hope and hard-work.

Moreover, companies have a set idea of what kind of people they need for certain positions and even though, you might be rejected by some, there will be many companies who will be looking for someone just like you. Rejection does not mean that you are incompetent or not capable enough, it might be because of the specific company requirements too.

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