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Sales Beats Branding

Kshitij Doval


Perfectionism is the enemy to progress. I, during my early startup days focused so much on creating a brand, the perfect website, the perfect social media page that my focus shifted from solving customer problems to creating a “pull strategy”, which is a hoax to be honest in the early startup days.
Let’s be honest, there’s no brand & nobody trusts you or your company. By trying to create the perfect website, all we do, is just try to replicate an image of a top notch company, which we are not.
Best way to create a brand during initial startup days, is customer satisfaction and that cannot happen without sales. So focus on sales & have happy customers, you will automatically become a brand and once you’ve reached that scale where sale funnels get identified & automated, you should certainly go for that pull strategy and work on your brand.

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