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Is work and your personality type related?

Kshitij Doval


When choosing a work, the advice given by everyone is “Do what makes you happy” or “Do what you love doing” and in the typical Indian scenario,” Do what your parents want you to do.” In all the turmoil of seeking job, have you ever thought of becoming what actually suits you? Sure all of us want to be famous, leaders or CEOs but have you wondered why not everyone is born to lead?

The reason is simple not everyone can handle all kinds of job requirement. Myers-Briggs developed a personality test which helped an individual gain an understanding about his or her own personality traits. Human mind is complicated and highly difficult to understand, so much so that we might also be unaware of ourselves and we are not aware of ourselves how can we select an ideal profession?

Some of the personality traits are associated with being successful and content in the chosen profession. For example: Someone who is an introvert, would prefer a calm and quite environment to work in. If he choose a job which requires him to interact with various people on daily basis, he will most likely be uncomfortable, unhappy and it will be difficult for him to adjust to the work place and the work role. It is undoubtedly true that certain job roles, fit some people perfectly and they tend to grow immensely in those job sectors.

However, there are no clear cut boundaries and limitations. If a person wants to change and challenge themselves by stepping out of their comfort zone, choosing a job opposite to their personality also might help. It helps you acquire skill sets that you could not even imagine you will ever have but most often then not, people tend to regret choosing the job that they do because it requires them to be someone they are not. Choosing one career out of millions, will never be easy but narrowing it down based on your interest and your personality, might do the trick.

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