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How you can get hired in Hindustan Unilever Limited?

Kshitij Doval


Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL), a company with a heritage of over 30 years in India, is India’s fastest moving consumer goods company. This every day growing company has about 16,000 employees. The credit of this growth goes to dedicated employees. Now, the question arises that what is the recruitment process of Hindustan Unilever? How does the company select the required candidates?

Recruitment Process

As recruitment is the process of attracting capable applicants for the particular post. This means that from a pool of applicants, new capable employees are selected. This recruitment process judges you on the basis of the following two factors:

1.) On the factor of your potential and capabilities.

2.) Specifications of job requirements

The department of opportunities are as follows-

1.) Information Technology (IT)

2.) Finance

3.) Human Resources (HR)

4.) Product Team (R&D, Brand, Sales)

The FMCG company plans vacancy through the following resources:

1.) Internet

2.) Online Job-Based Portals

3.) Newspapers

4.) On-Campus drive

Hindustan Unilever Limited provides two leadership programs, which are:

1. Management Training Program

2. Executive Training Program

For both of these programs, recruitment is done through campus drive. People from other companies are not considered into these formal training regimes.

The Management Training Program, also known as Unilever Future Leaders Program is one of the oldest programs going on for the recruitment process. For this position, recruitment is done at Managerial levels and from premium Business Schools only such as IIMs, IITs ISB, S.P. Jain, etc.

For particular roles in supply chain and R&D, IItians are recruited especially from the chemical and mechanical branch of engineering.

Every year, many people apply for this program and join as management trainees. For about 15 months the trainees are coached and trained.

The Executive Training Programrecruits employees at executive levels. This program is established only a few years ago and mostly from tier 2 management and engineering colleges. The colleges for this program are shortlisted internally by the HR.

Finance trainees are selected from MBA and CFA.

Besides applications, other methods of recruitment may be followed such as:

1.) External channel– This recruitment channel has following possibilities for applying-

A) Walk-ins or Write-ins

B) Employee referrals- One employee may recommend another and as a result may get an incentive.

C) Advertising

2.) Internal Selection- The selection of the required position may be done internally by planning succession.

Selection Process:

This is the process of filtering many applications and selecting the best candidate by using various tools and techniques. The process of recruitment and selection goes simultaneously.

After scrutinizing the data filled by the applicant in the form, the applicants have to give a written test. The written test checks the following abilities of the candidates:

1.) Analytical Ability

2.) Written Skills

3.) Computation Ability

4.) Verbal Skills

5.) General Knowledge

After the written test, the candidates scoring 65% or above are declared pass and taken to the next phase which includes selection procedure via three steps:

Step 1-In this step, the candidates are supposed to give to a sales and training manager. A human resource manager may also be present at the time of viva. This step checks the candidates’ ability to handle the situations.

Step 2- This step too involves viva but with the General Sales and Operation Manager (GOSM) and Trade Marketing Manager. This checks the fitness of the candidate.

Step 3- In the third step, the candidates are asked questions to check the amount of passion and thrill. This checks the potential of the applicants for the jobs.

After passing these steps, the candidate has to pass the physical ability test. This test checks HIV, Hepatitis B, C or any such diseases which may affect efforts of the candidates while working.

Note- While applying for some technical job, HUL conducts the work sample test as well.

Passing every step ensures your entry in the family of Hindustan Unilever Limited.

Hindustan Unilever Limited, being a reputed FMCG, major recruitments are done through a very rigorous process. The personnel planning of the company includes a detailed description of the roles and responsibilities expected from an appearing candidate.

HUL demands the selected candidates to be smart and hard working. These normal psychometric tests and other tests depict the credibility, traits, and employability of the applicants. The recruitment and selection process at HUL also includes the orientation program. This program helps the candidates to know HUL better and give their best in the company.

-Pooja Ahuja

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