How does an entrepreneur handle failure?

Kshitij Doval


In a world where everyone is running behind success, failure may seem like a great disappointment to many. While everybody looks down upon failure, it is still an inevitable aspect of everyone’s life.

More than 50% of the start-ups fail every year. Why? Well, there are various reasons for it but irrespective of the reason, you cannot ignore failure. There is a lot of work involved in building an empire from the dust and it is not surprising that when the wind blows, it might blow away the dust with it. The only choice one is left with in such cases, is to build the kingdom strong enough to sustain a typhoon, which is not a day’s job.

Sometimes many people constantly fail in many businesses before starting a successful start-up. We humans always a tendency to look for something stable and concrete, stability makes us feel safe and comfortable. In the case of entrepreneurs, stability is the last thing one gets, especially during the initial stages. They are surrounded by doubts and uncertainty, the only way to fight all the obstacles is to maintain the stability within one’s mind and stop looking for outward comforts.

The believe that everything will eventually turn up to be fine, is very important. A pessimistic outlook will always lead to failure, it is believed that whatever you make your mind believe, turns out to be the truth. A venture where things can easily turn upside-down, is not easy to handle and hence, constant preparedness to handle any kinds of flips are needed. Always make a calculative move, haphazard decisions will never turn out to be good. A balanced state of mind which is always ready to handle whatever is thrown at it, is a necessary equipment for success.

The never give-up attitude, even during constant failure, is very important to reach the heights. A person who does not have faith in themselves, do you think that the workers or employee who work under them will trust them? A confident person is not only a charismatic leader but they can also work wonders and rise high even after several obstacles are thrown at them and all companies need such people to lead them. Success is not an easy road, even after you have it, you still have to constantly fight to maintain it.

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