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Doing the job that you like or going for money? – what should one go for in today’s ambitious world

Kshitij Doval


n a world where everyone is running after money and high paying jobs, the dilemma of choosing the right thing is utmost common. It is indeed disheartening to see one’s friends and family members earning in lakhs or even crores while you are struggling to make it big in your chosen field. So, what should you choose? Money or your dreams. Let’s get a little realistic here, no matter how much people say that money is not important, we all know that it is and it can rather be said that money is necessary for survival, it is a basic survival need as other necessities follow along with it.

While all that is true, ignoring your dreams is not a good way to go about earning money. Take it this way and ask yourself, how much and till when can you grow or get promoted in a job that you do not like? Your passion for a particular field will determine your growth, both in personal and professional life. Growth follows hard work and hard work is followed by passion. Hence, all of it is correlated. There are many people who decide to take up a profession just because it is high paying and end up failing miserably at it just because they realised that the work is not their forte. For example, doctors are very well-paid and many people might take that up thinking the same but they end up failing in medical school because they cannot take the stress or they realise that the job is not for them and end up in some other profession.

This can be considered the best-case scenario, where you realise before hand and search for other areas of interest but sometimes, that realization might come really late. What if you realize it after graduation that you do not want to become a doctor? There is more family and societal pressure at this point because you have already invested lakhs in your studies.

Point being that you never have less time to figure out what you want to do. Always keep exploring before settling on one option and do what you like to do, if you think that that is the only thing you are suitable for you and grow yourself in that area. Follow your dreams but stand close to reality.

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