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Educational | August 31, 2019 Learn & Work Under A CTO

Learn & Work Under A CTO . . . . Talk to me by visiting my website: Visit our website: Chat with us on Whatsapp: +91 8588031998 Email […]

Motivation | July 29, 2019 Don’t Give A Sh*t Vs No Expectations

Don’t give a sh*t vs No Expectations Person This is a very important video I’m making because there are so many people who I see getting it all wrong. They […]

Motivation | July 27, 2019 Most Successful Person On Planet

Most successful person on planet Can someone be called the most successful person on this planet? Well, no. Because success means different for different people. While for some it may […]

Educational | July 24, 2019 You Need To Know This Before You Startup | Startup 4 0

Don’t outsource the main foundation of your business. There are two kinds of startups: Tech-centric: wherein the entire business surrounds around it’s technology. Eg. Facebook, HCL, AWS, Google etc. Tech-enabled: […]

Educational | July 23, 2019 Online Business Made Simple

Online Business made Simple 💡 I challenge you to find me a more affordable plan on the internet that benefits businesses and solves their core problem with such ease. Talk […]

Educational | July 16, 2019 Value Proposition Startup 2.0

What is Value Proposition? Let me clarify in practical terms and not stupid theoretical ways. Visit our website: Chat with us on Whatsapp: +91 8588031998 Email us at: […]

Educational | July 11, 2019 Startup Talks 1.0

Startup founders make this huge mistake with their team and that’s when there’s high attrition and distrust leading to a startup’s success. Visit our website: Chat with us on […]

Jobs | June 25, 2019 Your Life Your Decision

Do you agree? I believe that any life changing decision should be taken using your brain and not your heart. First use your brain and then put your heart to […]

Digital Marketing | June 19, 2019 Where To Start My Career Startup Or MNC?

It’s very difficult to choose when you have no experience to begin with when it comes to your first job. Different people have different things to say and it’s so […]