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In today’s era, more and more people are exploring themselves and following their passion. With the determination to do something in their desired field, comes uncertainty too. People are also hesitant and sceptical of chasing their dreams and doing something new. Even though many people show courage and start their own start-up but the question is: How many make it? Unless one has immense motivation and determination to reach the heights, one cannot make it. So here is a motivational story of one of the most successful venture in the country to wake you up from slumber and pursue your start-up dream.

It all started by getting abandoned by a taxi driver. Yes, you heard it right! One of the famous organization in India was started this way. A man booked a cab to travel to another city and the cab driver stopped his car midway, to renegotiate the price which he was paying. When the man did not agree on paying higher than what was initially agreed upon, he was abandoned in the middle of the journey. This was the life changing experience for him as he got his start-up idea and had his Eureka moment. He instantly knew that many people go through the same experience which he just did and people struggled to find quality cabs. Thee cab drivers would arrive late, be impolite and carry out whatever they wanted to, this was a common scenario in India and we have all faced it. After this incident, he saw potential and need for cab booking services.

If you haven’t guessed it yet, this is the story of Bhavish, the founder and CEO of Ola cabs. Now, in India, everyone of us are aware of the company and some of us would not be able to even travel conveniently without the Ola app. The company has also faced many ups and downs but eventually, it has emerged as one of the most successful start-ups in the country. It, now, has partnership with over 4,00,000+ cab and auto drivers, and has provided a huge relief for many customers who use cabs on a daily basis.

It is certainly not an easy task to start your own company and only a few, who are willing to work hard and not give up, can make it that big. The never give up attitude is the basis for finding success in any field, even when you plan for a start-up company. The dire need to do something and prove themselves is what keeps such people going. So keep up this attitude and even when the tides are high, remember, that it is momentary and you will see the sunken land soon.


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