Think of yourself to be in front of 400 people. You have 20 minutes before you head on to the stage and speak/present in front of them.

Feeling nervous?

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Let us talk about five ways that would help curb this feeling of yours and ensure that you end up putting a hard impact on all 500 people sitting in front of you!

Let me give you an example. If you're sitting among the 500 people and hear a person going on and on about something, you would end up snoozing. What would you expect from the person up there? One of the most important and successful tips is the use of VISUAL AIDS. Visual aids help the people in grasping the content and concepts better. Moreover, many people have picture-memory. If you want someone to understand what you're saying, try using the help of videos or pictures.

The next most important thing that should be looked into is your BODY LANGUAGE. No one will be interested in listening to someone with a lousy and slouchy body language. Stand up straight, walk as you speak, and use your hands when you're trying to convey something important. Seeing a few ted talk videos will help you get the hang of it.

Now what I'm about to say is something very basic and you've probably heard it many times but try this; PRACTICE IN FRONT OF A MIRROR. Try this when you're alone. Speak in different tones, practice different body languages. A lot of public speakers do this. Do things you're most comfortable and confident in. Once you have seen yourself present the content and speech, you'll be much more confident about yourself when you're up on the stage. If you want to get even better, enroll yourselves in specific Communication Classes that would help boost your communication skills!

Everything goes better if it is two way. Yes, you read that right. The next most important thing you should keep in mind is INTERACTION. Make sure you interact with the people. Ask questions and entertaining good smart questions as well. Having a two-way conversation will help the session be more interesting and attention-grabbing.

Lastly, don't be fake. Be yourself. Be real. You have more chances of being appreciated by being the natural, amazing person you are. Nobody likes someone who isn't real to themselves and others. Always remember, you will impress them only by being the best version of yourself, not of anyone else. Be original.

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